About Take Control media

Take Control media is a media company that commenced in 2008, we have reached new heights and continue to exceed our client’s expectations. We specialize in the following:

Marketing / Branding

Take control media has a highly qualified marketing team that develops a full marketing strategy/Concepts tailor made for each client needs to allow the client to have a competitive advantage in the market.

Film and commercials production

We have a fully equipped production team for filming commercials and Television programs/series. We develop concepts for short films and television programs e.g. The Experts T.v show

Doctors Club

All our subscribers are members to “The Doctors club” that allows professional to drive their dream car first before anyone else, together with Matrix we will facilitate, protect and ensure that all your vehicle challenges are covered by us as our VIP member.


The Take Control magazine is not just a magazine it’s a collector’s item, our vision is to introduce a balanced lifestyle using education, luxury, status, passion, aspiration and all the ingredients that make a wealth individual.


To facilitate a generation of mature well educated professional that understands the concept around wealth and economic development. Take control magazine contains current updates in: health, business, sport, fashion, beauty, leisure, entertainment, hospitality, luxury cars, art & film, technology, education & economics. Take Control is a vehicle (MAGAZINE) exposing individuals to wealth and information that assists them in their professional careers and lifestyle choices. U are also given a platform to read stories of successful people in different industries, key challenges that one faces in that industry and how to overcome the challenges in order to maintain success. Take Control Magazine only showcases only the world's best, Stunning designs that harness the timeless magic and sparkle that only diamonds can bring.

Target market: Take Control Magazine is targeted to consumers of all ethnic groups

Gender: Male and female

LSM Group: Middle and higher

Primary Readers: 18-35

Secondary Readers: 35 - 55

Take Control Magazine is printed in hard cover UV vanish high gloss finish


15 Vesta Street, Meredale, Johannesburg

+27 (11) 042 6700


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Take Control Magazine